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What it Costs


Our attorneys understand the unique financial needs of our clients. We offer contingency payment plans (where there are no fees or costs to the client unless there is a money recovery at the end of the case), as well as installment payment plans to fit any budget, and all installment payment arrangements cover all legal fees and costs. Our law office is committed to making quality legal representation affordable for clients from every financial background.


Our legal fees generally depend on the amount of money at stake in the case and the difficulty or novelty of the legal issues in the case. We frequently handle cases on a pro bono (for free) basis. Generally, clients pay our attorneys at least $300.00 to defend a debt-based lawsuit or eviction lawsuit.


Specialized debt defense such as high balance or multiple accounts, debt negotiation, foreclosure defense, and bankruptcies are priced on an individual basis depending on the factual and legal issues presented in the case.


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